About me: After the storm, the sunshine will come

July 18, 2017

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Hi! I haven’t been the best blogger lately, not writing or working for this blog. I wanted for some time to come here and to speak a bit about what’s going on, and why this blog hasn’t been updated. I haven’t spoke to you about my experience in my first conference in Cordoba and I have been to Seia and Lisbon and I also want to share with you my experience. I have been reading some books that I want to speak of. Until March, I was working on a clothing online store, for Decenio. On that month I decided to take another job because the company was moving out, 60km from my house, and I thought I would be a good idea to work in the city I live. Makes sense, right?

Unfortunately for me, I learnt that if you’re in a good job with good workmates, ones you can call friends, in a good company, it’s not bad to take the sacrifice to do the several km per day. I was happy in that job, and I learnt that in the worst way. It’s very logical that if you’re well you don’t change and you don’t feel the need to. I discovered that I was well in my earlier job after taking this one. Well, I can’t change this now, I can’t go back, but I can learn from this.

I thought before that since I was working in a different city from the one I live, I had few time for my blog and my YouTube channel. Well, I didn’t have much time, but now I found that I had enough time. Now I’m working more days and hours. I’m getting up earlier that before and arriving later at home, even though I work in the same city I live.

I’m not in the best workplace. It has good material conditions, but the environment is not the best one. I started to felt bad with myself, because I was always able to finish my tasks every day and in this job I can’t. I know that I’m doing tasks of 2 people or more, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling frustrated and angry with myself. I’ve started to feel anxiety and I’m not telling this to gain compassion from others, I’m just explaining why I stopped doing the things I used to do in my free time, after work. In the other job, I had free weekends, and on this new job I started from having one day per week and now I have a free weekend every 2 weeks. Not the best schedule, but I’m adapting myself. I even managed to change to a new house having this schedule!

Like I said in the title, sunshine will come in my life, I believe. Bad things happen to us because they’re obstacles we have to face to get stronger and to grow. And I hope this experience will make me mature and I hope I’ll managed better this blog and that I’ll finally write what I want to tell you.

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