Discovering Braga: Shairart + Nocturnos de la Ventana exhibition (free entrance)

December 29, 2017

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Shairart is an art gallery located in the infamous Rua do Raio, in Braga. The entrance is free and it opens from Monday to Saturday, from 2pm to 7pm. This art gallery receives several exhibitions throughout the year and you can stay focus to them by following Shairart’s social networks and website.

Last week I went to see the work made by Rafa López in an exhibition called Nocturnos de la Ventana, which is also the name of a poem by Frederico García Lorca. I had the amazing opportunity to watch Rafa López in activity because I’m having a small course about tourism in this art gallery. One night, he was paiting there in one wall. He was making art using the landscapes, objects, etc that he saw in his journey from Sevilla to Braga and also during his stay in Braga. My class from this course was able to create some pieces of art that together created a Christmas tree that you can see in the exhibition. Later I’ll show you how it was made.

But speaking about the exhibition. I enjoyed a lot the way the artist uses colours and the fact that some of his works have (to me) some type of distopian sense. I actually enjoy movies with distopias, so I felt connected with a lot of pieces of art, besides the colours used. My favourite ones were Berlintramuros Extramuros (that remembered the Holocaust) and La Última Cena because it had iconography from the Camino and since I already did it twice, I was emotionally connected with it and I also knew that Rafa also did the camino, so it was impossible for me not to connect emotionally with it. Another one I liked very much was En la Plazoleta, Videogame, because I like videogames and I have a small collection of consoles and videogames at home. I could imagine that one in my own house.

If you are not convinced enough to see Nocturnos de la Ventana, please feel free to watch this video and to change your mind:

Nocturnos de la Ventana – Rafa López



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