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April 21, 2016

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You might have noticed that my last post about about a Vlog. Me and my boyfriend are starting to create some videos for our YouTube channel. We decided to create one since my boyfriend can’t get a job and we love to play games and our friends adore to see us playing together because we take it seriously. We also love to watch movies and to talk about them (I also studied cinema, so I love to discuss various things about them) so we decided it was a good idea to talk about movies we watch, questions about the world of videogames (since my boyfriend wants to create videogames for a living and keeps reading news about gaming).

We also have ideas for some more videos besides let’s plays and movie reviews. But right now we want our channel to grow in order to improve our channel. Right now, it’s just the two of us working on it. We record, I edit (my boyfriend already edited one video) and we have two friends that helped us with the images we have on videos and in the channel.

Our channel’s name is Push Start Please. Watch and subscribe!

Push Start Please

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