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April 27, 2015

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Olá a todos! Estou de volta para vos falar sobre a nova campanha Youzz sobre a Purina One Gato. Para vos falar da Purina One, vou falar do Pantufa.

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Hello, everybody! I’m back here to talk to you about the new Youzz campaign about Purina One for cats. To talk to you about Purina One, I’m going to talk to you about Pantufa.

Pantufa is my boyfriend’s cat. He loves to run, to explore, to be the master of the house and… to eat, of course!
Lately, he was getting a bit fat and he ate with a bit of anxiety. Still, sometimes he didn’t enjoy the food that much and didn’t eat the food on the second day that stayed on his bowl.
Youzz gave me Purina One Cat, according to Pantufa’s profile (he’s adult, male, not castrated). I received the enough for 3 weeks and some samples and vouchers that I gave to some friends whom also have cats.I already knew the brand. Purina is what my dogs’ vet uses and when they go there they devour the food. I already knew that Pantufa would love Purina and that he would get more anxious abot dinner time, since the meal would taste well!The results I got: Pantufa got addicted to Purina, he never meowed that much asking for food; he didn’t left any piece of meal on the bowl after he finished eating, he ate everything and with his snout inside the bowl so he wouldn’t be stolen; he loved the food and his hair got better! It looked like it was lustreless and without life, but now it glows and it’s straight. Also, the other cats that received my samples got crazy about Purina, they enjoyed so much!What I have to say about Purina One: indeed the animals enjoy the food, and it’s difficult to buy something they really like, specially processed food. The hair looks good, yes. But I think it’s strange the fact that the animals get so addicted, I get the idea that the food has some product that makes them get addicted. And I don’t think I’m going to buy Purina one day, because it’s too expensive. Nevertheless, Pantufa thanks the 3 weeks of Purina One! If you too want to receive free products at home and give feedback about them, click here, Youzz is available in several countries! 😀
[My kit. / O kit que recebi.]
[Pantufa eating Purina. / O Pantufa a comer com o focinho enfiado na taça.]
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