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August 2, 2015

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Hello! I’m back to talk to you about my experience with an Oriflame product, the Nature Secrets Body Cream with aloe vera and watermelon. 
I bought this cream because I love products with Aloe Vera and since I have very dry skin I need extra care with hidration, so watermelon, since it’s a fruit with a lot of water, looked like an interesting choice for my skin.

When I opened the gallipot it smelled like watermelon, what I thought was really nice. I understood immeadiatelly that it was a fresh cream, nice for summer.
The texture is not very pasty or greasy and you spread it easilly on your skin without getting cream marks or lighter skin. It’s fresh and it feels good when it’s hot.
I recommend it to people with normal or oily skin, because it’s not greasy, but for people with dry skin like me this isn’t the best cream.
Nevertheless the good things about it I spoke above, after short time I feel that my skin already absorved the cream, which is good when you need to dress up but I don’t feel that my skin is hidrated, I still feel it dry. Even using it twice a day, I’m not satisfied with the cream. It’s good to feel your body fresh and with a good smell (it stays for 10 minutes) but I don’t feel that I’m hidrating my skin like I should.
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