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August 15, 2015

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I don’t buy things a lot of times, I’m not a materialistic person but I love notebooks, specially when I can personalize them. Usually I buy regular notebooks and I put images I like in them.
Some time ago I discovered through Instagram a Portuguese notebooks’ brand which creates handcrafted notebooks. IT’s called O Viajante (the traveller) because the theme of these notebooks is to write about our experiences while travelling.
I chose for me a notebook with recycled paper (which shows an ambientalist side) with a blue elastic matching the drawing. This drawing is not my idea, I saw it on a video of the brand and I wanted for me. But I also wanted the name of the city which this boat is from: Aveiro. It’s one of my favourite cities in Portugal.
I ordered through Facebook and it took only a few days to have the notebook ready. They are open to suggestions about the drawings.
I already began to use my notebook. It’s going to be a travel book about my own experiences, soon starting with the Portuguese Camino to Santiago de Compostela!
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