My road trip: Nazaré, Portugal

February 11, 2017

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On my last road trip with my boyfriend we discovered Nazaré. It’s a small village in the centre of Portugal very famous for its beach and waves, very good for surf (it’s were Garrett McNamara surfs and there are a lot of videos about the giant waves – it’s in Nazaré).

We never went to Nazaré before, so we were both discovering this place for the first time. We stayed a couple of days and it was a great experience. We relaxed on the beach and explored as much as we could. Nazaré is located near one beach and also on top of a cliff, so you have the upper part and the lower part to discover.

Nazaré – what to see

If you love beach, you won’t regret coming here. An advice I give to you is to wake up early and go to the beach or the cliff and watch people having surf lessons. Better than that is coming to Nazaré during surf competitions. You’ll enjoy.


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