Travel: Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba, Spain

June 4, 2017

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World Heritage since 1984, the Mezquita-Cathedral is an amazing example of cultural and arquitectural mixtures. I got emotional by looking at this architectonic complex because it has an unique and incomparable beauty. It’s worth to spend a morning or an afternoon there and one day I want to make a nocturne visit, which is also available.

The mosque was created in a place where before already were worshiped other divinities, which means that place was already considered sacred. In my visit to the mosque I saw a part of a Roman temple that even though is some meters below our feet, it’s posible to see thanks to a piece of glass on the floor.

The responsable for the construction of the mosque was Abderrahim I. The complex has two parts, the courtyard and the room of prayer. One curiosity this mosque has is that it isn’t orientated towards Mecca. This is believed to the fact that the sand terrain (near the river) didn’t make it posible.

The room of prayer is crowned by arches that came from Visigoth architecture and that became identity of the Arabic architecture. The original mosque was smaller than the one we know today. Through the centuries it was amplified and today is adapted to Catholic cult. The Cathedral was created in the 16th century. The courtyard is an important part of the Mosque, where water was used to purify muslims before praying. It’s also a place good for meditation and reflexion, having a communion with nature.

I spent 3 hours in the Mezquita-Cathedral and I couldn’t see everything. Besides the chapels dedicated to the Catholic cult, it has an exhibit of pieces that made part of the building through the centuries. The building is huge, so I recommend to visit it in the beginning of your day to avoid entering already tired and to wear a good pair of comfortable shoes.


You can see more about my visit to Córdoba in this video:

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