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June 6, 2016

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I’m so proud of myself that I felt I had to write about this. The first year of the Chinese language course I was taking is done! I feel that I started to learn this language yeasterday, I cannot believe that already has passed 9 months since I went to the first class!

I decided to study Chinese language because I’m good at learning new languages, I love to learn and to study and also to enrich my curriculum (I would like to work in the field of tourism one day). I started also by learning Chinese language and not other languages because the schedule was the best for me, since I work from Monday to Friday and the classes took place at Saturday in the morning. Learning Chinese language in order to be fluent will take me years too, so I though the sooner the better.

I thought learning Chinese language would be more difficult, but I know now that the grammar is not difficult and learning and memorizing characters is easier if one understands the logic behing it. I’m actually enjoying learning Chinese! A few months ago I met a girl from Macau and she wants to learn Portuguese laguage and culture and since I want to know more about Chinese language and culture we exchange knowledge with each other.

I hope one day I can go to China and speacially to Macau, I’d love to meet Macau since it’s part of Portuguese history, even though I know no one speaks Portuguese there. Right now I also want to improve my skills in order to start buying and reading books in Chinese. I love to read books in other languages than my own, speacially when I’m reading them in the laguage of the writer, I feel like I’m getting closer to his/hers thoughts. Maybe one day I’ll be able to read Chinese authors.

I believe that having classes once a week makes it more difficult to learn. I didn’t feel huge difficulty because between classes I tried to pratice a lot, but that for me is one of the deffects my course had. Overall, it helps you getting more disciplined with yourself because you can see from week to week if you need to pratice more something. One thing I enjoyed in my course was that the classes were given by a Portuguese teacher and a Chinese teacher. I believe that’s great, because you listen to two different people and train your ear and also because it’s easy to learn a new language when it’s someone with the same mother tongue (translates better sentences or expressions for our culture) and when you have a person who is a Chinese native you pratice your orality with someone who can tells you better how to pronounce correctly. Having two teachers was perfect!

2016.06.04 5

(me and my teachers)


2016.06.04 2

(receiving my certificate from my course at University of Minho Confucius Institute)

And… in order to celebrate this event, I give you one cover sang by this Nightingale! I hope you enjoy!

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