Exo – An Indie Shooter by SpikeJap Studios

April 30, 2015

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Hello! I’m back to talk about another game made by my boyfriend and some friends of mine (SpikeJap Studio)!


This time they are participating in #bananajam and they need your vote! It’s a annual game jam organized by NerdMonkeys, as they say on the contest’s page. The prize is “2000€ in cash plus a voucher of 150$ of game assets to be distributed equally between all team members and the team leader will be rewarded with a Microsoft Mobile phone”.
The game’s name is Exo. According to SpikeJap Studio,is a “platformer which is heavily tailored from the Megaman X series”. All you have to do is “to shoot the bad guys and get to the end of the stage where you will fight the boss”. The game has two modes: Aventure Mode and Endless Mode. The first is where you can find the boss and finish the game. The other is where you can simply run and shoot endlessly.
Where can you play? Click here. It’s a Unity game, you need to install Unity in order to play it.
Where can you vote? (And please do!) Click here. You can create an account through Facebook loggin, it’s very simple. Voting ends in 14th May.
This game was created in two months for the contest.  Vítor, who made the art, worked full-time for this game, while Jorge, the programmer, had few hours per day for this game because he works, and Nuno had to work for this game at the same time he is working on his thesis.

Please help the team to win this contest!

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