Experiences: Córdoba, one day

February 7, 2017

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It’s been a while since I write something. I really want to write about my road trip with my boyfriend last september, I met many beautiful places that I want to share with you and I also had an amazing experience last month in Lanhoso Castle that I will place here. However, right now I haven’t been focused on writing for this blog because I’m preparing myself for a new experience: I’m going to a tourism congress in Spain! It’s the III Congreso Internacional Científico-Profesional de Turismo Cultural (III Cientific-Profesional Cultural Tourism International Congress), in Córdoba.

I’m pretty nervous about it but I believe it will be a good experience. I will see new places, I will be for the first time speaking at a conference and I believe I will learn from other presentations. I believe it will be good for my future. I’m a bit nervous for going alone and without help (my university didn’t help me in financially) and to be in a city I’ve never seen before. But I’m very happy to see an article of mine on a conference. I’m hoping this will bring my master thesis into a new level. I hope Córdoba will amaze me, I’ve seen beautiful pictures and videos!

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