Travel: Palacio de Viana, Córdoba, Spain

July 2, 2017

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On my last trip to Cordoba I got the chance to explore the Palacio de Viana. It’s a museum where you can see 12 courtyards and travel through time up to 5 centuries ago. A curiosity: when I spoke in the museum about making a video and a post about it, I actually happen to speak with my moderator at the congress (I didn’t know her, she was going to moderate the next day).

The building is a house from the 15th century that suffered enlargements through time. In this sense, it’s an unique house and even though it was inhabited by the nobility, the courtyards are not the ones you find mainly in typical houses in Cordoba, but you see how the courtyard is the reflection on the social class that had the house.

For instance, the courtyard of the cats is from the Medieval Ages and it’s the reflection of a functional courtyard used by poor people. For the poor people, the courtyard was a part of the house used to wash clothes and also do other domestic tasks. The other courtyards around the house are more decorative and less functional, because the nobility used the courtyards as a way to show opulence. Example of this one is the courtyard of the balcony, where you see windows so people in the street could see the status of the house.

The courtyard is an identity of Cordoba. It’s a reflection of the climate in Cordoba, where is very hot in a major part of the year. The courtyard has water to refresh the house and it’s located in the houses where you would have the entrance hall, so it’s the first thing a person sees when you enter the house. It’s a very important part of the house because is functional and the showcase of the family who lives there.

Even if you can’t see a traditional courtyard, think about going to Palacio de Viana. You have a documentary about the house in your visit to the courtyards and the shop sells products created with the plants that the house has in its gardens. I hope you like the pictures and if you’re curious about each courtyard, you can see more here.

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