Travel: My experience in Córdoba, Spain [quick guide]

April 7, 2017

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Hey! I’m back to talk to you about my experience in Córdoba. You probably saw the video, but you haven’t seen pictures. I stayed 2 days and a half in Córdoba and I was able to see some places that I recommend you should see if you go to Córdoba:

Mezquita Catedral (it’s just precious)

Facultad de Letras


Palacio de Viana (so you can find amazing courtyards)

The Roman Bridge and the Arch

Las Caballerizas Reales

El Alcázar

Apealling to other senses, you should try the baths to relax a bit. In what comes to food, you have the Salmorejo to eat as a meal and the Pastelón as a desert. Córdoba is a city where you walk easily between the main spots and the weather is very good during the year. It was warm in the days I spent in Córdoba and even though you see fog in pictures, the fact is that I was told the fog is not typical.

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