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July 19, 2014

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I love coffee! But lately I’ve been consuming coffee ’cause I need, more than because I like it. I want to tell you something about my life at this point. I’m working at two different places at the same time (two different cities, I have to sleep in my parent’s house and in my own – and now I have a place of own, before I went to my boyfriend’s). Both jobs are about marketing and it seems that it’s easy to do and simple for those who see from the outside, but there are some days in which I’m kinda like a zombie and concentration is something I don’t have in those days. I’m taking coffee to hep me concentrate and to help me lose some weight. I’m almost at my finish line, I just need to lose more 5 kilos, and since I started to work out and to eat less quantities, I’ve noticed that coffe helps. The metabolism accelerates, so the food is spent more quickly and that’s why I take coffee after eating (3 coffees a day, that’s what it’s recommended by the doctors). After dinner, at night, I like to drink tea. Tea helps your digestive system.
And with two jobs, travelling from town to town, reading articles for my thesis and having band’s rehearsals (I have a band and we make acoustic covers), I don’t have much free time to do exercise. That’s why I’m doing the 30 day squat challenge. And I know that I’ll achieve my objectives in time.
I hope that all goes well with you!
My next post will be about my master degree and after about losing weight!
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