My road trip: Buddha Eden Garden, Bombarral, Portugal

October 13, 2016

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This last September I went on a road trip with my boyfriend around the center of Portugal. One of the first places we went to was the Buddha Eden Garden, Quinta do Lorido, Bombarral. This is the biggest oriental garden of Europe and it was created in response to the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamyian.

This garden is huge and divided in areas, with one part about wine (since it’s the main production of Quinta do Larido), an African sculptures garden  and another with modern art that aren’t about the oriental theme. There are different Buddhas, Hindu Gods, Chinese stautes, Japanese dragons, KOI fishes and a pagoda. There are even terracota soldiers, like the ones found in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shin Huang, except these ones are blue. The garden is very beautiful and has a beautiful harmony between water and green fields and trees. I specially loved the fact that some animals live in the garden, like ducks, fishes, turtles.

I love Japanese and Chinese cultures and after spending one year studying Chinese language and the Summer studying Japanese language I was so happy to be there! The prices are good, it’s 3€ per ticket and the garden also has a train for 3€ that stops at some points so you can walk and take pictures. I didn’t take the train because I wanted to walk but I advice you to go when the weather is not too hot and to be prepared to spend a couple of hours there. But is as beautiful as you can see in the pictures. For more info check here.


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