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March 25, 2016

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(Note: Spoiler free review)

I started to feel curious about this universe due to horror movies, speacially those which had vampires envolved or Count Dracula himself. I knew that one day I had to read this book, since it all began with this Bram Stoker’s work. Before reading this book, I already knew how the plot was structured and I saw Bram Stoker’s Dracula movie and I knew that I would recognize most of the characters.

Even though, I focused in reading the book with an open mind and trying not to relate the movie with the book (because book adaptations in movies have always huge differences from the original book). I actually got surprised with the severall differences I found not only between this movie and the book but also the way Dracula has been portrayed in other works through time. The one in the book is different physically. I’m not going to say how he looks, but since there are so many people portraying him, I though some actor would look like he does in the vision of Bram Stoker.

The way the story is being told allows you to see different perspectives of the several caracthers about the same events and I really liked that I was able to see more than one point of view of the story, because if you see one person’s point of view about something that scares her/him, you may think it can be something really horrible or not, but to see several people suffering or experiencing fear helps to give horror to the story you’re emerging into. I just didn’t like the way the book is structured in therms of chapters. The book is divided in chapters, but sometimes I couldn’t figure out why the chapter ended. Sometimes you have one person narrating the story and in the next chapter is the same person, same day, sometimes the same sort of events. To me it wasn’t so fluid, sometimes I kept reading. I read the book in English, so I could see that the writer maintained authenticity in the way please spoke, with manners and accent related with their social postition and the places where the story is set.

In general, I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the way the story was told and the way the story ended and some characters are funny, others more serious, there’s a balance. Besides what I already told that I didn’t like, sometimes the story bored me because it seemed like nothing was going on. And there’s one person that knows more about Dracula than the others and when he enters the story, he keeps speaking to his pupil in such an enigmatic way and I felt that was made on purpose to delay the plot, but I didn’t feel that was realistic, if the story was real. I recomend reading this book though, I liked it more than I disliked it and it is the cradle of the vampires’ stories, who likes horror stories must read this one. I hope you liked this review and that you’ll read Dracula soon!

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