About me: an update

March 11, 2016

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(updated in 23rd July, 2016)

Recent events in my life make necessary to update informations about me. Besides my degree in Communication Sciences, recently I’ve finished a master degree in Patrimony and Cultural Tourism. My thesis is related with touristic videos placed on the Internet and their capacity to attract new touristics. Right now I’m working on a scientific article about my thesis and I intend to keep investigating in the future. With my thesis I tried to understand what caracteristics videos must have in order to transmite a positive image of a touristic destination and to create intention of visit on users.

When my thesis is available online I’ll place here the link.  My thesis is now available here!

I’m working (which in my country is almost the same as winning the lottery or the Euromillions). I work in an online shop and I’m enjoying it!

I’m no longer part of the Choir of University of Minho. I’m learning how to swim and I’m learning Chinese language through Confucius Institute in University of Minho, in a free course. I even know how to sing a few songs in Chinese!


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